Best Bodybuilding Workout For Mass Muscle Gains

Do you want to know the best bodybuilding workout for mass? If so I will show you the best bodybuilding workouts and how to put them together into a complete routine. I will also show you how to avoid muscle building plateaus.

Best Bodybuilding Workout For Mass

If you are looking for the best bodybuilding workout for mass, I am assuming you want to put, as much muscle weight onto your frame as possible. To do this you have to have put other goals and aims aside for a bit. Your main focus should be on; obtaining lots of lean muscle mass.

I should say from the start that there is not one particular best bodybuilding workout for mass. The best way to continuously add muscle and prevent muscle building plateaus. Is with a collection of bodybuilding workouts, combined together to form a complete bodybuilding routine. Get this right and you will pack on muscle mass fast. So lets have a look at the best bodybuilding workouts for mass.

Volume Training

Arguable the best workout for mass, is volume training. Volume training creates a lot of tension on a muscle and causes a lot of muscle damage. This stimulation is great for muscle growth.

You must however get the volume right and not copy bodybuilding workouts from magazines and pro bodybuilders. That sort of volume is to high and will give you below par results. Another problem with volume training is that it does not get you stronger. If you want to prevent plateaus and keep making muscle gains, you need to get stronger.

Strength Training

Strength training comes in at joint top of the best workout for mass. Simply put, stronger muscles will be bigger muscles. It is possible to have stronger smaller muscles, but this mostly irrelevant with most people. This usually occurs when you look at elite bodybuilders and power-lifters.

The main advantage with strength training is that, with the extra strength you get; you can use that strength to lift more weight with more volume. When you do this, you really start to reach your muscle building genetic potential. This is why I said there is no best bodybuilding workout for mass. But a collection of bodybuilding workouts used to form a complete bodybuilding routine.

Workout Routine

So how do you make a bodybuilding routine? This can be different for each person with different body types. You are best doing a bit of trial and error for yourself, to see how you react. A good starting guide is to start of with 2-3 weeks of volume training. Followed by 2-3 weeks of strength. Once you do that, you can review how you are progressing.

Bear in mind that you will make you best gains during the volume training. Do not drop the strength training completely, as this strength training is what sets you up for big muscle gains. It is a bit like laying the foundations for a wall, then the volume training builds the wall on those foundations.

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